13 August 2016: Another race done and dusted. The III G.P. NUESTRA SEÑORA DE VILLASOMERA took place in the town of Rasines. So today I decided to try a different strategy and not go in the break. I’ve pretty much been in the breakaway at every race and so far it didn’t work out .…

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XLVI Gran Premio El Christo

6 August 2016:Today I did the XLVI Grand Prix Christ in the town of Guriezo, one of the last races in Spain for me this year. The race, 90 Km, consisted of 10 laps and 22 climbs with a total ascent of 1528 m. The legs felt good today and I stayed in the front…

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Junior Tour of Portugal – Stage 3

30 July 2015: Last stage of Volta a Portugal, Boticas to Macedo de Cavaleiros, 110,3 km. Woke up and for the first time in a week my legs felt good. Started the stage with a 3 km climb to get the legs warmed up. At 21 km we started with our first big climb of…

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Junior Tour of Portugal – Stage 2

Racing in Portugal is not exactly what I expected. Today(29 June) was the second stage of Volta a Portugal Juniores, Vila Verde to Fafe – 88 Km, and even crazier than yesterday. The race started with a big downhill and a few crashes here and there. The thing about racing here is that you never…

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Junior Tour of Portugal – Stage 1

Today(28 June) is the first stage of the Volta a Portugal . It was about 38° at the start of the race and it stayed that way until the end ! The stage from S. M. da Feira to Braga was108.6 km long and consisted of rolling hills and only one 3rd category climb. The pace…

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Representing my country – My time with the Junior South African cycling team

It is 8 July 2016, and its one day before the start of a Nations Cup in Luxembourg. A two hour flight from Spain to Brussels and then a 3 hour drive to Luxembourg was on the books. Not feeling too well the last couple of days with a tummy bug just not wanting to…

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Hi everyone, Saturday the 16 was the start of the XXXII Circuito Cantabro 2016. On Saturday morning we did a 70 km road race, the pace was really high from the start . At about 37 km into the race I got into a breakaway . The intermediate sprint was at 44 km and I…

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Spain Tour # Join The SA Team – GP General Patton

Today didn’t go totally as planned but that’s cycling for you . Coming into the nations cup with food positioning but still trying to do my best ! Rode for about 26 km before having to go into the bushes and then the ambulance . But that’s how cycling is , always unpredictable . Staying…

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Spain Tour # Championships of Asturias

Pancar, Asturias, Spain So anyone that knows anything about junior cycling know that it’s absolutely crazy . Yesterday was the championships of Asturias and just another reminder of this statement ! Race was hard from the start with attacks left and right . About 5 km into the race my chain snapped and I had to…

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Spain Tour # Vuelta Al Besaya

STAGE 1 – RACE REPORT  First stage of Vuelta al Besaya done, typical junior racing with the first crash happening in the first 4 km. Took about 40km to settle down. All went good until we started going up the second big climb of the day .Halfway up a few guys had a competition of who…

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