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Spain Tour # Join The SA Team – GP General Patton

Today didn’t go totally as planned but that’s cycling for you . Coming into the nations cup with food positioning but still trying to do my best ! Rode for about 26 km before having to go into the bushes and then the ambulance . But that’s how cycling is , always unpredictable . Staying…

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Spain Tour # Championships of Asturias

Pancar, Asturias, Spain So anyone that knows anything about junior cycling know that it’s absolutely crazy . Yesterday was the championships of Asturias and just another reminder of this statement ! Race was hard from the start with attacks left and right . About 5 km into the race my chain snapped and I had to…

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Spain Tour # Vuelta Al Besaya

STAGE 1 – RACE REPORT  First stage of Vuelta al Besaya done, typical junior racing with the first crash happening in the first 4 km. Took about 40km to settle down. All went good until we started going up the second big climb of the day .Halfway up a few guys had a competition of who…

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