Spain Tour # Vuelta Al Besaya


First stage of Vuelta al Besaya done, typical junior racing with the first crash happening in the first 4 km. Took about 40km to settle down.

All went good until we started going up the second big climb of the day .Halfway up a few guys had a competition of who could do the longest track stand . Chased hard but could not catch the bunch , Finished the stage in 66th place about 2 minutes from second place .

Legs felt good hopefully we can improve today . I couldn’t find any photos of me , guess that’s a good thing ?? Second stage starts a 5 pm .


Today is the last day of the Vuelta al Besaya . The second stage was a fast 102 km with rain all the way ! There was crashes all over the place . I tried my luck with an early break but it didn’t stick ! I was only involved in one crash but I don’t have any injuries.

I was asked to help my team leader in the last 25 km , so I closed a lot of break and paced at the front of the bunch ! All that being done I finished in 25th place moving up to 47th on GC ! Today is the last stage and the team is only 3 guys strong , with the others being taken out by crashes ! Lots of climbing to be done today,hopefully all goes well !


That’s a wrap , Vuelta Al Besaya 2016 done ! The last stage proved to be the hardest ! Three big climbs with one of them being a 1st category . Went over the top of the climb about 1’30 down from the leaders . Chased hard all the way on my own .

When I finally got in the convoy of cars I overshot a turn and lost time again before the last climb of the day . Longest 40 km of my life . Finished in 31st place moving up to 35 th place overall ! Great experience and learnt a lot . Happy with my performance as it is a big improvement from last year ! Better things to come !



Posted on June 26, 2016 in Race Report

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