Hi everyone, Saturday the 16 was the start of the XXXII Circuito Cantabro 2016. On Saturday morning we did a 70 km road race, the pace was really high from the start . At about 37 km into the race I got into a breakaway . The intermediate sprint was at 44 km and I wanted to try to win the sprint so I broke away from the breakaway at 40 km and stayed away to win the sprint ! I finished the race in the top 25 ,40 seconds from the first group . At 19:09 the same evening I started my 5.3 km hill climb . After the hill climb I was even further down on overall standings.Today Sunday the 17th of July was the second stage of the tour. My team C.C.Colindres helped me up the first two big climbs of the day and at 41 km into the stage I jumped over to the main break of the day, and got second position at the 1st intermediate sprint. The break got smaller and smaller the further we got into the race. At 80 km there was only 2 people left in the break, myself included. I then won the second intermediate sprint of the day at 98 km still being in a 2 man break ! We were caught and dropped on the last climb of the day by 3 guys . Chased all the way to the finish and ended up 21 seconds down from the winner of the stage . So that was it 5th on the stage and 5th on GC and the sprinters jersey after a 69 km breakaway ! Happy with my result !

CIRCUIT XXXII CANTABRO, Spain. Two day stage race

Stage 1:           69.9 Km, 25th,

Stage 1.2:        5,8 Km ITT

Stage 3:           108 Km, 5th

Overall, 5th (154 starters), Winner of the sprint competition, Blue jersey, Team 4th (22 Teams)

Posted on July 18, 2016 in Race Report

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