First Race back home

This weekend 18 September I had my first race since coming back from Europe. It was a local race but sometimes they prove to be the hardest. I lost my Garmin in a crash about three weeks before returning home and this was the first time I could see my power in a race since then. I set up a new threshold power, something that just proves that my form came along nicely the last 2 months. I got in the break 5 km into the race with 3 other guys. Halfway it was only me and one other rider. At the end I won the race.

On Sunday 19 September I did a bit of gravel oval track racing on the MTB. Nice to stretch the legs on a MTB. Looking forward to the last few races of the year hopefully all goes well. And then its time to start building for 2017.




Posted on September 19, 2016 in Journal

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