My first week in Italy

30 March 2017: Lucca, Italy

So today marks the first week I have been in Italy. Life is great; I get to do what I love in one of the best countries you can ever wish to ride a bike. Training is hard, racing is crazy but the love for the sport just gets bigger every day. There have been a few ups and downs but mostly because there are a whole lot of mountains here in Tuscany.


I have only done one race here; it was a 180 km UCI race, Trofeo Piva,  which meant it was pretty much going to be balls to the walls the whole way. I felt really comfortable in the bunch knowing that these guys actually know how to ride their bikes. It was a 18km lap we had to do 7 times and then the last lap had an extra piece in it to make things interesting. The lap basically consisted of going up the side of the mountain and the down the other side. The uphill part was really steep and then flattened out at the end and the downhill was just a whole lot of switchbacks and it was just a flowing road back up to the climb again. I managed to make it to 100 km then I couldn’t make it up that steep part of the climb again and that was that, race over for me. First race done so it can only get better.


Next race is Saturday the 8 of April . There is less climbing in this race and it is only 150 km long. This will suit me better seeing as though I’m still getting used to this type of intensity for such a long period of time. Other than cycling I kind of love this place. The team is really getting along and there haven’t been any big problems. I’m really motivated to develop and prove myself and that really help with the training in between races. You’ve got to train hard to race hard .I will have another update on the race and how life is going in Italy after the next race.





Posted on April 7, 2017 in Journal

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