Spain Tour # Championships of Asturias

Pancar, Asturias, Spain

So anyone that knows anything about junior cycling know that it’s absolutely crazy . Yesterday was the championships of Asturias and just another reminder of this statement ! Race was hard from the start with attacks left and right . About 5 km into the race my chain snapped and I had to get on a spare team bike .

I then got myself into the main break of the day .It was a difficult course with 6 climbs but we managed to stay away , 30 km from the end on the second to last climb the race was neutralized because all the ambulances were full of cyclists . The organizers decided to have a neutralized ride to the 5 km to go point and only race from there .

I didn’t have the legs on the day so I was expected to help the strongest rider on the team . I paced for about 2 km “flatbox” and still ended up with a top 20 . Just another learning curve and some new experience , next race for me is a nations cup in Belgium . can’t wait !

Posted on July 3, 2016 in Race Report

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