Wednesday 17 August 2016: What can I say my European racing season has come to the perfect end . Another win just to make sure the one on monday wasn’t just luck. The Trophy Ayuntamiento de cervera de Pisuerga was yesterday the 17 August. It was a really hard race and there was very little chance of recovery. The race consisted of 8 km laps going up one side of the mountain and coming down the other side and a sprint on the flat part. I tried to stay at the front of the race and went with a few attacks but all came back. On the third last lap I got away from the front group with two other guys. We just kept a steady pace and the gap just got bigger. On the last climb I made it really hard and one of the guys dropped. From there on I just gave it my all on the descent and coming into the last corner 1st I started sprinting and went over the line first.


Posted on August 18, 2016 in Race Report

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