Junior Tour of Portugal – Stage 2

Racing in Portugal is not exactly what I expected. Today(29 June) was the second stage of Volta a Portugal Juniores, Vila Verde to Fafe – 88 Km, and even crazier than yesterday. The race started with a big downhill and a few crashes here and there. The thing about racing here is that you never get to rest its always up or down no flats . When you’re going up its full gas and the same counts for the downhill. There is crashes on the downhill and the same amount of crashes on the downhill. Today there was 3 categorized climbs and I lost contact with the bunch, or what was left of the bunch on the second climb of the day which was a 2nd category climb, I chased with the front group with four other guys. 24 km From the finish I was sitting on the front of our little group about 40 seconds from the convoy and I see a car coming past me with four guys hanging onto the windows. I was all alone in the middle of a rock and a hard place ! Chased as hard as my legs could but I only lost sight of the 1st group and then it was me myself an I to the finish , ended up 7 mins 31 second down from the stage winner and in 41st place now being 39th on GC, 8:53 down from the leader ! Only 117 of the 161 riders that started the race finished the second stage ! Tomorrow’s stage is 110 km long and has 2 category 2 climbs and some more rolling hills(mountains) . Let’s do this ! Results: http://www.uvp-fpc.pt/ficheirossite/29072016162246.pdf




Posted on July 29, 2016 in Race Report

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