15 August 2016: In the Basque country, Igorre was the start of my second last race and I made it one to remember. My first win on European soil. Today I decided that I really wanted the win so bad I would do anything. It started out like a normal race with a little bit of rain and soon I found myself in the break with two of my teammates and 4 other guys. The break lasted for about 40 km before all came back together. Our team took control of the bunch from 56 km into the race. There was only one big climb on the day and it was 7 km long. At about a quarter up the climb it was only me left and the one rider of our team that we were working for to win the King of the mountains. I just rode a hard tempo for one kilometer and then I saw there was only about 20 riders left, another kilometer passed and when I looked back to see only 5 riders behind me. We went over the top together and worked together but then everyone started looking at each other and I took my the opportunity to attack. It worked and I rode 12 km on my own to the finish and won with more than 2 minutes, what an awesome feeling.

Youtube video of race

Posted on August 16, 2016 in Race Report

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